City Defense MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 1.45 – Defend Your City from Threats

city defense mod apk

City Defense is an engaging mobile game that puts your strategic planning skills to the test as you defend your city against a variety of threats. Developed by Homa, this game is available on Google Play for Android 5.1+ devices and can be downloaded from NorthApk. As the commander-in-chief, it’s your responsibility to position your army strategically and defend your city from intruders. With powerful combat vehicles at your disposal, you must keep your city safe from enemy attacks. The latest version of the game, 1.45, was updated on 01/03/2023, and it has a size of 139MB.


  • City Defense MOD comes with unlimited money, allowing you to level up your items and strengthen your firepower.
  • The game encourages you to develop intelligent strategies that showcase your leadership skills during emergencies.
  • The easy-to-play game doesn’t consume much of your time and allows you to pause and resume whenever you wish.

Download City Defense MOD APK (Unlimited Money) from NorthApk

Save Your City from Impending Doom: In City Defense, your city is under attack by the enemy’s red faction, who are attempting to capture it using overwhelming force. As the leader of the green coalition, it’s your responsibility to prevent this from happening. Gather your army, prepare to face the enemy, and eliminate all approaching threats. Your military forces will attack automatically, allowing you to focus on collecting money from defeated enemies to level up your items and strengthen your firepower.


Maximize All Potential: Your army’s ability to withstand enemy forces relies on three key factors. First, barriers must be set up to block the enemy’s movement. These barriers must be durable enough to buy time for your forces. Second, melee soldiers must be equipped with shields and weapons to fight off attackers. These close-combat units are crucial for their damage output and defense. Lastly, gun-wielding soldiers must provide support from the rear with their long-range firepower.

Watch Out for Dangerous Individuals: Be aware of extremists within the attacking mobs. These individuals pose a greater threat than regular enemies, using petrol bombs, armor, or firearms to cause significant damage to your forces. To counter these opponents, level up your squad quickly and efficiently. Do not let them get too close to your defenses, or your defensive line may crumble.

Barricades: You may be required to set up barricades in various parts of the city, taking into consideration the terrain and layout. Enemies may approach from different directions, requiring careful planning and placement of your defenses. In City Defense MOD, don’t give the attackers any opportunity to exploit your weaknesses.


Download City Defense MOD APK (Unlimited Money) from NorthApk today and take on the challenge of saving your city from impending doom! The game is easy to play, offers unlimited money, and allows you to pause and resume the game whenever you wish. As you defend your city, make sure to maximize your army’s potential, watch out for dangerous individuals, and set up barricades strategically. With these tips, you’ll be able to protect your city and emerge victorious against all attackers.

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