How to Utilize Truecaller in Pakistan

how to use truecaller in pakistan


Are you seeking a reliable solution to identify unknown callers in Pakistan? Look no further! Truecaller is the ultimate tool for this purpose, and NorthApk is here to guide you on how to use Truecaller effectively in Pakistan. This article will provide step-by-step instructions on using Truecaller to identify and block unwanted callers, ensuring your communication experience remains seamless and hassle-free.

Step 1:

Download and Install Truecaller First and foremost, visit NorthApk to download the Truecaller app for your Android or iOS device. Once you have downloaded the app, install it on your device and open it to begin the setup process.

Step 2:

Create a Truecaller Account After opening the app, create a Truecaller account using your mobile number or sign in with your Google or Facebook account. The app will then send an OTP (One Time Password) to your registered mobile number for verification purposes. Enter the OTP to complete the registration process.

Step 3:

Grant Necessary Permissions Truecaller requires access to certain permissions on your device to function properly. Grant the app permissions to access your contacts, call logs, and SMS messages so that it can effectively identify and block spam calls and messages.

Step 4:

Set Up Caller ID and Call Blocking Once you have granted the necessary permissions, navigate to the app’s settings and enable the Caller ID and Call Blocking features. These options will allow Truecaller to identify unknown callers and automatically block spam calls, providing you with a secure and efficient communication experience.

Step 5:

Customize Spam Settings Truecaller offers various customization options for managing spam calls and messages. Navigate to the app’s settings and fine-tune the spam settings according to your preferences, such as blocking specific numbers or enabling the auto-block feature for top spammers.

Step 6:

Utilize Truecaller’s Search Feature Truecaller’s search functionality allows you to look up unknown numbers and identify the callers. Simply enter the phone number in the app’s search bar, and Truecaller will display the caller’s name and other relevant information.

Step 7:

Contribute to the Truecaller Community Truecaller’s effectiveness relies on its vast database of user-contributed information. You can help improve the app’s accuracy by reporting spam numbers and updating your contact list with the correct caller information.


By following these simple steps, you can efficiently use Truecaller in Pakistan to safeguard your communication experience from unwanted calls and messages. Visit NorthApk to download the Truecaller app and enhance your smartphone’s calling and messaging capabilities today.

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